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My German haul - and a hint for the soon ending Guessing giveaway....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As a little hint for the Guessing giveaway that ends in 6 days - I can tell you that the below polishes all are in this bowl.
It is possible to change your guess in the Rafflecopter widget ;)
AND I added an ADDITIONAL giveaway on the same page, it's now possible to win a 300DKK gift card for my shop at Micro Paintings by Maria....

So here they are, the polishes that I bought for myself during my week en the southern parts of Germany.... Polish in Denmark is incredibly expensive, so I tend to shop like a mad woman when I go to Germany, there I said it myself ;)

From Manhattan I was lucky to find the 3 from the Pastel Pretties LE coll. that I wanted: 001, 004, 003, (see swatches HERE) and the other 3 are: 26S, 18S and from the retired LE coll. Lollipop Alpenrock I found 02 - oh I wish they had real names, not just numbers...

I had to own these new and absolutely gorgeous P2 Volume Gloss polishes:100 heavenly girl, 130 fresh sister, 030 sweet darling and 090 red lady

More P2: 030 Sweet harmony (Let's Rock coll.), 620 artful, 650 fever, 570 so cool! and 030 tangerine twist from the Summer Attack coll.

I found two Essence from the Floral Grunge coll that I hoped to find: 03 Grunge Me Tender "The Suede" and 02 Lily Bloom "The Pearl", I also found the Essence Nail Art Twins that I hoped to find: Edward & Bella - and finally I had to grab 149 Hello Marshmellow!

Two new brands in my collection: Beyu 246 and 516 - Misslyn 753 Star Dust top coat and 674

LCN is also a new brand in my collection these two pretty blue's are Cat Clouds and Blue Lily Cat. Astor Fashion Studio 240 Yellow Buttercup is my first Astor - and finally Maybelline 615 Mint For Life.

I only found two from the Catrice Candy Shock coll., (swatches on Saturday) if anyone can help me with the pastel purple I Scream: Ice Cream - I would be happy? They are C02 Play It Blue, C04 Vanilla Love and the 2 Isadora polishes: Miami Blue and Meadow.

Catrice: 15 Denim More, 13 Shopping Day At Bluemingdales, 13 Even More Heavy Metallilac, 05 Earnie & Birdie and 32 The Dark Knight

Finally a few polishes that I haven't really decided whether to keep or swap...
Essence 146 That's what I mint, 150 upper green side and 138 L.O.L., Manhattan 78C, P2 940 Never 2 much, You Star 06 and 05....

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