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Micro Painting Monday - 24 - after my first exhibition

Monday, May 13, 2013

When I started my facebook page Micro Paintings by Maria the chairman for Vendsyssel Knivmagerlaug asked if I would like to exhibit on their annual "Knivtræf i Nord".
Knife makers from all of Scnadinavia - also our neighbor to the south, Germany, and other countries meet to show their amazing work and to participate in a competition. I can tell you that they have attention to detail, I'm in awe!
But they also invite other crafters to exhibit, my two stand "neighbors" showed and sold silver jewlery and glass, there also were and amazing girl who made beautiful things of  willow by braiding them, flies for fishing were showed and tied, a blacksmith made knife blades - there were so much to see...

Knivtræf i Nord is held in the huuuge barn of the old manor "Knivholt Hovedgaard", and since the weather was cold - so was the barn, so I have a sore throat and is not physically feeling well today, actually not at all - but I'm so happy!!

Showing something not seen before takes a little learning by doing....
On Saturday a lot of people just glanced and passed by with that empty look in their eyes, even if many did stop, so that I got a chance to talk to them and a lot of business cards was haded out.
But I decided to make improvements for Sunday.

It might be a bit difficult to see (unless you click on the photos to enlarge them) - but I wrote Hand Painted Micro Paintings - read for the wall or a frame - and that gave a whole new level of interested, and I sold the first piece first thing in the morning.
All in all it was a fantastic week end, most of all because it was so good to hear that people liked what they saw, and some even very impressed :)

 Of the not shown here on the blog sets, that was sold were these two, first "Mossy theme"

- and "Orange flowers and mushrooms" - here shown before and after mounting....

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