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Blue Roses Porcelain Nail Art (Jelly polish)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I am so digging jelly polishes these days!! But they are hard to find by where I stay and I am on a mission to make some. Recently after Revlon launched some new polishes here I saw Revlon's Royal, a blue jelly polish. I suspected I had something very similar in my stash of untrieds.

OPI's Dating a royal. Its a jelly finish leaning towards creme. 2 coats make it almost opaque.
Now I suspect this is really close to Revlon Royal.
I stamped with BM 323 with the bold roses design
Stamping polish: Konad silver and konad white for accent.
The accent really looked like those white-blue chinese porcelain.
Topped with SV

Usually I am not a fan of rosey designs but this one was good. They stamped perfectly and the jelly polish does give it a floating effect, like you see a layer below the stamping.

I am off to make some jellies...please suggest me some colous that you think will look good in jelly finish.

Also on my do-to list is to make some glitter frankens. I have tried real hard not to buy like a 100 polishes off etsy, however I need some nice indies and having them shipped here takes way too long and costs waay too much. So I am gonna attempt to make some of those.

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