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Neon Tiger Print Nail Art: Using Colorbar Neons

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grrrrrr! Grrrrr!
If tigers could be fashionable every tigress would have dyed her fur like this at least once :D

Well...Colorbar finally released some Neons recently in a collection called Cocktail. Although summer's waaay over, sometimes you just need a pop of colour no matter what the season is. Thats when Neon polishes come handy.
I did search for these online but seemed online stores werent playing the catch up game very well. The only place I found these was VioletBag.com. You can see my haul post here.
I snagged Pina Colada and Lime Margarita from the Cocktail Collection. The orange, blood red and magenta-pink in this collection didnt really look like neon so I wasnt very interested in them. There is one another neon pink in this collection, but I have another similar polish so I skipped that too.

Pina Colada is sheeeeeerrrrrrr. This is 2 coats and I am certain that even 4 coats wouldnt have covered VNL (visible nail line). I tried 4 coats on the pinkie finger and VNL is still visible. But it does add a bright pop if thats what you are looking for. Maybe you could layer it over a white or a similar opaque light coloured base.

I sponged on it with Colorbar Lime Margarita (Neon green) and a Miss Claire one stroke polish in bright pink.  Lime Margarita wasnt as sheer coz it sponged on pretty well without having to add layers of the polish.

Stamped on the sponging with a tiger print plate from Bundle Monster BM223 with Konad Black.

I thought I would'nt be a fan of neons, but boy I was wrong. I am now.
It just depends on how you wear them and how you carry them. This mani grabbed a lot of attention and in a .."oohhhhhh.. thats nice!!" kind of way. 

Are you a fan of neons?
Hope you loved this one as much as I did. Grrrrrr.

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