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Max factor's Fantasy Fire + KKCenterHk Glitter

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ever wondered what a magical dragon's breath would look like? How about a potion of liquid luck?
Swirling with mysterious sparkling colours that change shades? Yeah? Thats exactly what Max factor's Fantasy Fire looks like. And better.

When my friend Nirah (from Present Past Perfect..Tense) came out to Mumbai she came across this beauty in a store and tweeted to me if I needed it. I was like OMG it here?? But umm yeah if you pick it and if we wont meet you'll have to send it all the way back here. But her better judgement prevailed and she picked it for me and I cant thank her enough for this. :D
These tiny bottles of mystique costs Rs.245/- for 5 ml. ($5 approx) available at Max Factor counters.

Base: OPI Russian Navy
Layered: With Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Accent: Layered with Kleancolor Holo Chrome

Can you see the orange twinkle on FF?

This is a pot of hex glitter or glequins from KKcenterhk. They are 1mm in dia and easy enough to be picking by a tooth pick or orange stick and placed on your nail. However I was too impatient with them and couldnt line them up neatly on my accent finger. See the variety of colours they have here.
Costs $5.54 for a really huge pot. Just dont leave it open. It has tendency to start flying around. take some out in a dish or paper and work form it.
I have just added the glitter on the accent finger in a window pattern..and I love how it highlights.
I am going to make some manis using this loose glitter/glequins. Lets see how you like it.

Watch how the orange twinkle turns green?

What can I say.... I love love FF!!! and Glequins!

Note: KKcenterhk provided the glequins to me for review. But the reviews r my own.

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